Exciting times for The Arches…

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Have you seen all that we are getting up to?

Things are changing everyday, for the better, but with wedding season now upon us we have been slightly distracted and we’re not sharing as much as we should! So, I have decided to start this little blog as a means to document the updates that are taking place!

So where to start, well, at the beginning of 2018 we had a bit of a rejig. The Arches Country House is owned and run by Chris and Linda (Birkbeck) with the help and support of Sharon, the Arches go to lady for everything! Following years of couples asking to get married at the venue, eventually Chris started to say yes and steadily we had noticed that our little B&B by the sea was fast becoming a wonderful wedding haven!

With this year set to be our busiest wedding year yet, the decision was made to put our everything into making our “hidden gem”, a wedding destination to be shouted about. This is where I came in – (hi! I’m Jen), I came on board at the start of the year after closing my little shop, Ruffled Flowers in Saltburn. I came on board because I LOVE this place, I grew up here, got married here and feel so passionate about the venue and the people who live, work and visit that I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get involved with making it incredible! (Oh, and Chris and Linda are my uncle and aunt, so I couldn’t really say no!)

Now here we are… I’m sure you have noticed that we have done quite a bit of painting! Well this is set to continue throughout the year… whilst we are aiming for lots to be done before our Wedding Open Day on Sunday 24th June, what we are working towards is so much more than a lick of paint and we are being realistic in thinking that this year is going to be an ongoing task.

There you have it! You’re up to speed with who we are and now I can use this blog to keep you involved in what’s going on (behind the scenes)!

Catch up soon,


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