Getting to know, Ruffled Flowers

This “Getting to know” blog isn’t an attempt to confuse you, yes it is ME asking ME questions…

So, incase you haven’t realised yet, I am also the creator of Ruffled Flowers! This meant a fantastic opportunity to create something fabulous with flowers at The Arches Open Day (along with hosting the day, helping pour the drinks and chatting all things weddings at The Arches Country House. How exciting!)

We’ve got a busy week coming up but I cannot wait to get going and make this open day a really special event for us.


A bit about me!

Prior to my life as a florist, I worked within the events sector, working for incredible companies including Handpicked Hotels and Loughborough University… needless to say, the expertise I have taken from these roles serves me well now I am involved in the future of our families venue!

What to know about Ruffled Flowers.

Ruffled Flowers is a wedding and special events florist, I also deliver creative workshops for flower lovers.

Flowers and weddings are my absolute passion. Working with a couple, turning their ideas into beautiful creations and generally getting to share my love of what I do and being involved in such an incredible occasion is a joy and a privilege.


Why I set up Ruffled Flowers…

Oh there’s so many reasons, but honestly, the point I am at now is one I could never have imagined being at.

Originally it was to work flexibly after my daughter was born (oh how I laugh at that thought now!).

Now my ambition and drive with Ruffled Flowers is pure passion and excitement for
flowers. The more it grows and word spreads, the more I want to create and grow bigger.

How would you best describe your style?

Wild & Bohemian. Natural & Garden Picked. Romantic & Elegant.

Everything I make I stand back and think, does it make me say wow? If it doesn’t, I’ll take it apart and start again…

Advice for couples sourcing their wedding florist.

Go with your heart. Of course speak to them and make sure you’re on the same page, but honestly, flowers are visual – exhaust their FB and Insta, see that they have created the type of design you are looking for or have the identifiable skill to create it.

I always say to people, don’t follow trends follow your heart, so what if something is deemed so 2 years ago but its all you’ve dreamt of as long as you can remember – it’s your wedding, have you want! HOWEVER, and it’s a big however, different florists offer different styles, lots will tell you then can offer all styles and designs but really I think you should use a florists based on THEIR true identity.

If someone comes to me dreaming of gypsophila bridesmaid clouds and a small tightly compact bridal bouquet, I know thats not my style or what I love to create, but I would never try to talk that person round – I would advise them of skilled florists who I know will create this style beautifully.

What to expect at The Arches Open Day.

A mega celebration of British Flowers, our open day happens to fall on the closing day of British flower week, an incredible week of showcasing the very best we grow here on home turf.

My plan is to dress our gorgeous venue with local blooms from some of my favourite growers.

Garlands, hoops, jars and urns… some wonderful showstoppers to celebrate flowers and our venue on this super exciting afternoon!

Join us NEXT SUNDAY – 24th June at The Arches Country House to celebrate British flowers and a cracking wedding venue!

Catch up soon

Jen x

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